петък, 1 май 2009 г.

Игра от семейство Симпсон / Bart Simpsons Naked Skate

Description: Try to stay in front of the police car for as long as possible. Simpson is back on his skateboard and he's naked! Use the arrow keys to help get Bart away from the cops. Do cool tricks in front of the neighbors to get extra points. Don't get busted!
Game Article: Bart Naked Skate An addictive and mischievous game about skating through the town, Bart Naked Skate allows you to move around like Bart, completely naked. Your aim is to cause mischief and have fun, and you get points for that! The game puts you in the shoes of Bart Simpson, and you need to skate around the town performing special moves and having fun through the game. Basically, the game is addictive because it allows you to perform stunts, tease cops and jump in front of people, all this while being naked and causing mayhem. The game play depends upon two things, moving around with stunts and hitting power moves to impress people and gain points. Moving around the town is pretty easy, because what you need to do is skate normally and perform jumps when required. These jumps fetch you extra points and make the game even more fun for you. Apart from getting the extra points, you can even hit jumps to impress people and tease cops, which would give you special bonuses like jumping power, speed and health. You need to avoid the police car and the trash cans in the game because crashing into them means end of the game. Apart from that, you have water puddles which should be avoided in case you want to retain your speed through the level. Overall, the game is very interesting, challenging and highly addictive because it allows you to play as Simpsons, lets you have fun while hitting stunts and lets you cause enough mayhem being naked skating through the streets.
Instructions: UP to go right, DOWN to go left. Use LEFT to go faster and RIGHT to brake. Press SPACE to jump and press an ARROW key while in the air to do a trick.

Click to Play!
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